Why Us
Unlike Most Affordable Roof Painting is a small Family Team who put our name behind our business and work on the tools, we have no large teams of staff to price into our quoting and as Affordable Roof Painting is our own business we have no franchise fees to price in either.

We refuse to "mark up" or try to profit from the paint and other materials we use on the job and as we buy our paints and materials in large volumes we can and do pass savings onto our clients.​​​​

Safety is no accident! We are industrial rope access specialists who install our own fall arrest systems, that saves the need for 3rd party scaffolding contractor's and you money.

We are 5th generation Cantab's we know the harsh local Canterbury weather and the havoc it can play on roofs and paint! We have the painting systems to provide a protective coating that will TRULY last. 

Lastly we GUARANTEE our workmanship. That's right most painting  and or restoration work undertaken by us comes with a 7 to 10 year GUARANTEE!! 

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